There´s a taste in my mouth and it´s no taste at all

That´s no way to get my attention; laughing at me

That´s no way to get my attention, laughing at me
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"The thing that bothers me the most about this group is that the majority of the members are young "ladies", although there isn't anything very ladylike about them."- Jo from TillDawn (http://www.tilldawn.net/)

"Don´t look at this if you like John Cale."
"Somehow I don´t think John Cale would find that funny."- the Velvets Forum (http://akson.sgh.waw.pl/~kg23187/phpBB2/index.php)

"Citationless innuendo!" - editor of Cale's wiki profile


Do you laugh uncontrollably at Bolan´s outfits in the MARC TV show?
Do you giggle at hilarious photoshopped tribute fan art?
Does David Bowie trying to be straight amuse you to no end?
Do you enjoy reading about Reed and Cale bitching at each other and calling each other gay?
Are you unsquicked by the thought of throwing random glam stars together naked and betting on the results?
Do you have no taste except bad taste?
Do you feel no shame or pity making fun of glamrockers long dead, alive or with serious substance abuse problems?

Then you are perfect for glam_lolz. Otherwise you should probably stay away.

-Needless to say, glam_lolz is not at all safe for work, eyes or brains!!! So there´s no use complaining about that.

-Please make sure all posts are both glam and lolz. If they fail on either front, posts will be deleted.

If there is anything else you want to ask/complain about, for instance other people´s posts or comments, or a question about what is appropriate to post, contact one of your friendly neighbourhood mods:
the gracious trickseybird and the elegant electricwitch will be happy to listen to all your thoughts on yaoi.


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